781 Series Commercial System

Shown are both the Side Opening Carrier and End Opening Captive Carrier

781 Series Commercial System

The 781 Series Commercial Transport System (CTS) incorporates 8” tubing. Its unique sealing and carrier presentation design achieves a commercial payload capacity of 25 pounds, for side opening carriers, and 15 pounds, for removable captive carrier, and a unique sealing method to achieve commercial payload capacity and low impact delivery at both ends.


The removable side opening carrier is constructed of extruded aluminum with internal space for a box of quarters. The carrier is removed from the unit using recessed folding handles at each end. This removable carrier can achieve a payload capacity of 25lbs. The captive carrier is a top loaded carrier that achieves a payload of 15lbs.

Intelligent Control

The system features simplified but powerful commands with easy-to-use physical buttons that provide longevity compared to touchscreen solutions. The teller commands are “Send”, “Home”, and “Recall before Delivery”. The customer commands are “Send”, and “Call”.

Durable Construction

The 781 Series Terminals are constructed of durable powder coated aluminum and stainless-steel components that provide a lasting and durable appearance. Redundancy is built into components of the customer unit that allow for twice the operational runtime compared to competitors’ equivalent products.

781 Series Remote Transaction System Drawings

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Drawing 20142 - Model 781-01 Side Opening Carrier and 781-02 End Opening Captive Carrier 8" CTS PDF DWG
Drawing 20157 - Model 781 Extended Remote Base 8" PDF DWG
Drawing 20158 - Model 781 Series Carrier Options PDF DWG