Modular Vault Systems

Modular Vault design utilizing our UL Security Listed vault panels allows for building exactly the vault needed to accommodate the space available

Modular panels allow for easy installation as they are constructed with steel pans for close dimensional tolerances

Structural support is designed and validated in house and supplied beams are used to allow large vault designs

Multiple Vault Doors may be utilized for additional entry and exit points to the vault

HVAC and Utility ports are welded and formed directly to the vault panels

200 Series Modular Vault Systems

has made a commitment to the physical security needs of our customers by providing unequalled quality, timely delivery, and lower project costs. Our modular vault systems will be shipped on time and will fit as designed. These factors result in overall lower total expense.

Quality Construction

Every aspect of manufacturing vault panels is aimed towards satisfying the needs of our customers. Ultra-high strength concrete core along with the formed steel pan provides high security construction and installation. The result is a very rugged vault panel that can meet very close dimensional tolerances. Panels can be manufactured quickly, shipped conveniently and installed easily.

UL Tested for Performance

Underwriters Laboratories performs attack tests on the vault panels to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements for burglary resistance. They also conduct in-plant inspections to ensure that the panels are constructed using the proper procedures and materials.

American Vault Corporation is committed to a higher standard. Our own quality control procedures demand that the product you receive will exceed the minimum requirements and your expectations.

Modular Vault Panels are Underwriter's Laboratory listed, Burglary Resistant in U.L. Ratings:

U.L. Class M One-Quarter Hour
U.L. Class 1 One-Half Hour
U.L. Class 2 One Hour
U.L. Class 3 Two Hour

200 Series Modular Vault Drawings

Click on any of the drawings below to download and view. Two formats are provided below. PDF files are used with Adobe Reader/Acrobat and DWG files are used with AutoCAD. Please download the appropriate file format or download the corresponding application to view the appropriate file.

Drawing 20220 – Model 222 Burglary Resistant Modular Vault Panels PDF DWG
Drawing 20221 – Model 222VP Burglary Resistant HVAC Port PDF DWG
Drawing 20222 – Model 222UP Burglary Resistant Utility Port Panel PDF DWG